Boots on the ground

“We need legal guidance on setting up our start-up”

Who was the client?

Sparki, a start-up, specialises in the installation, operation and maintenance of ultra-fast charging stations for electric vehicles.  Sparki was incorporated in February 2022, and has been using the services of Agio Legal ever since.


What was the client’s challenge?

As a young company, Sparki needed a proper legal structure and organisation, as well as investors.

Moreover, to install and operate ultra-fast charging stations, Sparki needs to partner with owners, tenants, or limited business right holders, who in turn can benefit from a share of the profits. This requires the necessary legal expertise.


What solution did we come up with for the client?

To this day, Agio Legal remains responsible for the overall legal formation and succession.  For instance, it drafted shareholder agreements and management agreements.

Agio Capital and Agio Legal jointly supported the investments and capital rounds.  For instance, they prepared and realised the entry of the Federal Holding and Investment Company (SFPIM) in Sparki’s share capital.

Lastly, Agio Legal drafted framework, lease and commission agreements for the various locations with which Sparki wishes to partner.

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