Boots on the ground


Resolving a conflict does not necessarily mean going to court.

When communication is difficult or even broken between two or more people, it may be advisable to try mediation in order to re-establish dialogue and avoid a long and costly procedure.

The mediator is an independent, neutral and impartial third party whose mission is to help the parties find an agreement that takes into account their needs and interests, that improves (or at least does not deteriorate) their relationship, that is durable, that complies with the rules of public order and that also respects the people who will have to suffer the consequences of this agreement. Mediation has the advantage of being confidential and voluntary. The parties and the mediator may terminate the mediation at any time. Mediations result in agreements in 70% of cases.


Resolving conflicts or disputes do not oblige for hard court action. Opting for mediation in order to re-establish the relationship and facilitate an amicable solution can indeed be the right way out.

The mediator plays a crucial role in this.  It indeed concerns  an independent, neutral and impartial third party whose goal is to assist and guide the disputing parties in finding an amicable, equitable and sustainable solution taking into account all of the parties interests and arguments in the most balanced manner.  The added value of the mediation not only relates to guidance and assistance by the mediator but also to its voluntary and confidential nature.  It also allows the parties to have a sound mind from a legal point of view as the mediator is also the guarantee that the solution will respect the boundaries of law and will comply with the rules of public policy. Mediation has an elevated success rate as 70% of matters that are submitted to mediation are successful.

In order to become an accredited, the mediator must successfully pass an intense and rigorous governed by law training program that does not only focus on hard skills but also on the most diverse soft skills that are crucial to become a successful mediator.  The mediator must also follow continuous training in order to maintain the accreditation and must comply with a strict Ethical Code.

Tom Toremans puts his many years of experience as a seasoned litigator at the service of parties who want to reach an amicable solution to their dispute through mediation. He is also regularly appointed by courts as a judicial mediator.

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