Boots on the ground

Commercial and
economic law

Commercial law & economic law have their own rules, which underpin all the agreements you enter into. We help you see the forest for the trees.

Pursuing commercial activities involves all kinds of challenges and risks, both in the start-up, execution and cessation of activities. What you need is an expert in commercial law.

Together, we reflect on your business model and support you in drawing up the necessary contracts and complying with the rules of commercial and economic law.

commercial law and economic law

Contact us now for:

  • Trade practices and competition – We advise you on compliance with rules on trade practices, competition, consumer protection, advertising, product legislation, labelling, sales promotions and other aspects relevant when conducting your commercial activities.
  • Commercial contracts – Good agreements make good friends. We draft general terms and conditions and agreements for you to ensure your collaborations (such as distribution, exclusive distribution concessions, commercial agency, franchising or commissions, among others) run smoothly. We stand side by side with you to bring negotiations with your partners to a successful conclusion.
  • Dispute resolution – What if a collaboration does not turn out as you had hoped or your customer submits a claim? We will remain at your side to defend your interests, both in court and in arbitration. Of course, we first try to reach a negotiated, amicable solution acceptable to both parties.
  • National and international – Trade never stops at the border. Neither does commercial law. And certainly not our advice. We advise foreign entrepreneurs on their first steps on the Belgian market and support Belgian entrepreneurs in their international trade relations together with our network of legal advisers abroad. This means you are assured of clear and targeted advice, anywhere in the world.