Cross-sectoral. Multidisciplinary. Exclusively one point of contact.

Every sector has its own challenges. There are a number of sectors in which we have built up in-depth expertise and extensive experience over the years and which we know through and through. Clients operating in those sectors can rely on our subject specialists to provide multidisciplinary service. In the technology sector, are you thinking about how to motivate your staff to stay, are you looking for an interesting investment while also having a question regarding your registered trademark? Your real estate company is negotiating an investment project, but also needs to check some changes in VAT legislation? Your chemical company has a question concerning waste issues, but also needs to prepare its collaboration on secondment properly? You can always contact one trusted advisor with questions in these and many other sectors of various kinds. We put together the necessary team from different legal and other perspectives and always provide specialised advisers who will pragmatically and customer-focusedly provide a solution to your problem or a successful project. Moreover, they understand what it is like to stand in your shoes in the environment in which you operate.


An overview of sectors: