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Tax law

At Agio Legal, we adopt a practical, expert and affordable approach to getting the most out of your tax situation. And, of course, entirely in line with tax law.

Taxes often have a significant impact on corporate profitability and return on investment. Therefore, it is crucial to have a clear and comprehensive view of the tax implications of any proposed transaction. What you need is an expert in tax law.

We offer the necessary advice around tax law and more. To ensure you don’t pay more tax than you are legally required to – that’s everyone’s goal, isn’t it?

Tax law with Agio Legal

Contact us now for:

  • Tax advice – Our team of experienced lawyers offers a comprehensive and proactive service to private individuals and companies, providing expert yet understandable tax advice on matters such as personal income tax, corporate income tax, VAT, local taxes, registration duties, etc. Our lawyers also provide (proactive) tax advice on the development of your business and estate planning, including inheritance planning.
  • Tax audits and proceedings – Agio Legal also provides expert assistance if you have a dispute with the tax authorities. Our experienced lawyers assist you in both administrative and court proceedings. Whenever possible, we try and avoid proceedings or resolve them at the earliest possible stage, by requesting advance rulings, negotiations, tax mediation, amicable settlements, etc. We also advise on tax regularisation and the repatriation of assets held abroad.