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Public procurement

Receive expert guidance for public procurement, from specifications to the award phase.

We offer intensive guidance in the context of public procurement during the specification, selection and award phase, both on the part of the submitter (contractors, promoters, producers, etc.) and on the part of the contracting authority. We also advise and guide on selection and award decisions during the procedure.

We not only provide legal advice and documentation support, but also offer strategic insight to enhance your chances of success. Whether you are a proposer striving to win a public contract or a contracting authority seeking a transparent and efficient selection process, we are here to support you every step of the way.


public procurement

Contact us now for:

  • Editorial guidance – Advice and guidance on drafting of specifications, tenders and agreements, as well as guidance before, during and after the conclusion of the contract and review of specifications, tenders and award decisions.
  • Public procurement – Advice and assistance on award decision procedures and guidance on performance and liability risks.
  • Public-Private Partnerships – Setting up and elaborating public-private partnership constructions, drafting the PPP (DB(F)(M)(O)(E)) agreements, underlying civil law constructions (leasehold, easements, etc.) and advice and assistance during both the selection and award phase and the implementation phase of the project in the context of area and urban developments, brownfields, sports infrastructures, etc.
  • Disputes – We assist you in all proceedings: administrative proceedings and courts, civil and criminal proceedings (including Council for Permit Disputes, Council of State, Constitutional Court, European courts, etc.).
  • Property development and real estate transactions – Assistance with all legal aspects related to property development and real estate transactions (due diligence, etc.) in all sectors.