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Real estate

Environmental and real estate law is complex. We are happy to assist you with our expert advice.

Belgian and international environmental and real estate law is a particularly specialist field – from the decision to develop a site, to dealing with liabilities ten years after completion. We are your partner in real estate law for any point in that process. This also includes real estate transactions, public and administrative law.

Project development – As a developer or co-developer of a site, you are very much at risk in the pre-contractual phase. As a legal partner, we help you attach the right modalities to your deals so you can unleash the full potential of your business.

Construction agreements – Sale on plan, leasing, contractual liabilities of partners in the process, real estate partnerships, etc. all these legal constructions require a solid contractual basis.

Real estate transactions – Establishment, termination and transfer of business and other rights (sale, leasehold, concession, etc.), negotiation, drafting of contracts, due diligence, both private and public (including public-private partnerships).

Co-ownership – We assist you in all aspects of (apartments) co-ownership, both on the side of an individual (or group of) occupant(s) and the VME (association of co-owners).

Litigation – In case of disputes, we assist you with your real estate law in all administrative and judicial procedures(Deputation, Council for Permit Disputes, Council of State, regular courts, etc.).

Environmental and real estate law

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