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Agio is a multi-disciplinary grouping of three business partners: Agio Legal (leading independent law firm), Agio Capital (business advice services) and Agio Finance (financial advisory services).

Our team of 80 experts solve our clients’ business challenges each and every day. Agio guarantees a personal and pragmatic approach. We are close to our clients by actively listening to them, engaging with them, getting to know their business and industry, and visiting them in Belgium or abroad. Boots on the ground.

You ask the question and our answer is “yes”, “no” or “we will find it out for you”. We are straightforward problem solvers with a pragmatic approach, always backed up by solid analysis.

Are you facing a challenging acquisition, merger or restructuring? Are you looking for a trusted partner to achieve your ambitious growth plans? Do you wish to optimise your business operations and increase your professionalism? Your question is our starting point. For each challenge, we put together a core team of specialists to assist you. United as one team, we stand at the side of or behind our national and international clients to whom we provide legal, financial, tax, accounting and strategic guidance. In doing so, our multidisciplinary group goes beyond what you may expect from your professional service provider to find a solution tailored to your objectives, even if it is not standard or based on out-of-the-box thinking. This is how we create agio for each of our clients.

With Agio Legal (leading independent law firm), Agio Capital (business advice) and Agio Finance (financial advice), we can offer you advice at every stage of your company’s life cycle. With a team of 80 experts, Agio supplies your business with the oxygen it needs to grow. Our experts engage, advise and optimise, 100% tailor-made, 200% on point. This is how we provide the breathing space needed to conduct business using a well-thought-out approach: taking risks and acting with resolve.

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At Agio, our five core values are at the heart of everything we do. First of all, our team is made up of good and trustworthy people. People who see the glass half-full, who view obstacles as opportunities. Genuinely honest people, who always work together in an agreeable and respectful manner. Secondly, we believe it is important to give our people the freedom to take the right decisions at the right time, in line with our core values. Structures exist to simplify our lives and those of our clients, allowing us to assist them with the best possible way. This way we can best assist them with the right business advice.

This brings us seamlessly to our third core value: client value. It is part of our DNA. We create it; always and in everything we do. Fourthly, at Agio we do our utmost to transform talent into value. We support our people to excel at their greatest skills and abilities. It is the most valuable thing they can offer Agio. We reward them for applying their talent in their work. Because it is our people who help Agio to continue to grow. And this growth mentality is our fifth core value; striving for truly sustainable long-term growth.

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