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Financial Services

Most businesses face complex issues such as financing, dealing with outside investors or wanting to sell your business.

None of these issues are everyday occurrences. Many people only face them once in a lifetime. Questions like “Where do I find investors?” or “At what price can I sell my business?”, are not easy to answer. That’s why you need a specialist like us. Agio guides you through the complex world of finance from start to finish. That’s the power of our financial services.

Contact us now for:

  • Raising capital for high-growth scale-ups – Your business is growing fast and that’s great! But now you need capital to support this growth. However, identifying and talking to the right investors can be a daunting task, while the process itself is time-consuming. Because we have a large international network of venture capital funds and strategic investors, we optimise fundraising and very efficiently find the right investors who are best suited for your business. After all, with our financial services, we make sure we get it right.
  • Help finding a buyer for shareholders looking for an exit – Do you want to retire or sell your company? But you’re not sure who might be interested, or what the right price should be? We understand this problem very well. Because we talk to investors and companies all the time, we also know who might be interested in your business. And thanks to our extensive experience, we make sure you get the best price for your business.
  • Find the right acquisition target and close the deal – Maybe you are an established company and want to acquire a business to grow faster. Or maybe you are an experienced manager eager to buy yourself into a company. In either case, we are confident we can match you with the right target. We also support you in due diligence because we usually know where the skeletons are in the closet. And if external investors are needed to solve some of the financial needs to complete the acquisition, we have a long list of potential investors ready for you.
  • Take the pressure off fundraising – Are things not running as smoothly as hoped? Trust us, you’re not the only one. We know all too well that raising money or finding funding is a tedious and nerve-wracking process. It’s often accompanied by a lot of pressure and sleepless nights. We tackle these problems with our financial services. Our team realizes this by finding tailor-made and, if necessary, creative solutions to secure the future.