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Sports & Entertainment 

Sports & Entertainment 

Different forms of entertainment each have their own unique legal aspects that require a specialist approach. Agio Legal provides guidance to both creative individuals and organisations in the creative sector including the television, animation and film industry, live and media entertainment, public broadcasters, online content providers, video game developers, designers, and other players in this industry. We guide you through all possible questions related to media law & compliance, advertising, sponsorship, IP, portrait rights, IT, privacy, social law, as well as labour law questions, and mergers, acquisitions and investments in this sector.

At Agio Legal, you will also find legal experts who know the sports industry inside out. Agio Legal counsels athletes, sports clubs and federations in negotiating sports contracts, transfers and sponsorship agreements, the acquisition and/or reorganisation of associations (e.g. sports clubs), companies active in the sports industry, the establishment and commercialisation of image rights, tax optimisation, dispute resolution (at the BAS, CAS, FIFA Football Tribunal, etc., among others) and in criminal and disciplinary proceedings (e.g. doping, match-fixing, etc.). In top condition with a healthy dose of a winner’s mentality, we go for gold with you!

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Our sector-specific teams offer specialised, well-thought-out and substantiated advice. Our experts work on all our deals and cases, constantly consulting with you. We always look for a pragmatic solution to your problem, in plain language and even if it means going the extra mile.