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Environmental law and property development

Agio offers far-reaching expertise in environmental law and real estate development in the three Regions.

Looking for an expert in environmental law? You can turn to us for advice and guidance in the context of environmental permit procedures, spatial planning, enforcement, property development and real estate transactions, among others.

We offer assistance and guidance in administrative appeals before the Deputation, environmental permit committees, the Council for Permit Disputes and the Council of State, as well as in related administrative, civil, criminal and other proceedings.


environmental law

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  • Environmental permits: advice and assistance in environmental permit applications at all stages of the procedure (application, public enquiry, appeal procedure, Council for Permit Disputes and Council of State). Agio Legal has a far-reaching knowledge of urban planning acts, land subdivision, classified establishments, environmental impact assessments, appropriate assessments/strengthened nature assessment, heritage, nature, etc.
  • Spatial planning: advice and assistance in the context of planning instruments (spatial implementation plans and regulations) and related procedures, suspension and annulment procedures at the Council of State and Council for Permit Disputes.
  • Enforcement: advice and assistance in civil and criminal proceedings relating to urban planning and environmental offences, administrative measures, remedial measures.
  • Litigation: We assist you in all proceedings: administrative proceedings and tribunals, civil and criminal proceedings (including Council for Permit Disputes, Council of State, Constitutional Court, European tribunals, etc.).
  • Real estate development and real estate transactions: assistance with all legal aspects related to real estate development and real estate transactions (due diligence, etc.) in all sectors.