Boots on the ground

Insolvency & restructuring

Your business may face financial difficulties.

What do you do when you can no longer (temporarily) pay your debts?  We work with you in restructuring your company to try and overcome financial difficulties and to avoid bankruptcy.

Agio Legal is your partner of choice in this field. Several lawyers at Agio Legal have extensive relevant experience.

Agio Legal restructuring

Contact us now for:

  • Analysis – We work with you to analyse the state of your business and examine the situation from a multidisciplinary perspective to determine the best solution for you.
  • Debt collection issues – We review with you what claims you can pursue to improve your debt collection, or what collateral you can assert.
  • (Judicial) restructuring – We jointly reflect with you on restructuring measures to improve the profitability of your company. We also assist you in reaching agreements with your creditors through (extra)judicial reorganization proceedings or outside them and, if necessary, in reorienting your activities.
  • Bankruptcy law – If bankruptcy can no longer be avoided, we guide you through the entire bankruptcy procedure to wind up your operations in the best possible way, or prepare a relaunch.
  • What if your customer or supplier is experiencing problems? – Even if you are on the other side, we will work with you. In that case we look to see how you can minimise the impact of a business partner in financial difficulty on your own business and assert your rights as a creditor.