Boots on the ground

Sofie Naessens

Senior Associate

An experienced and versatile litigator, Sofie represents both Belgian and foreign clients from various industries before civil, commercial and criminal courts and tribunals, and in arbitration proceedings (ad hoc, CEPANI and ICC).

Both before and during judicial or alternative proceedings, Sofie informs the client about the legal strengths and/or weaknesses of the case, and encourages negotiations which she leads, if successful, resulting in a comprehensive binding settlement.

Furthermore, Sofie advises clients on the execution and termination of contracts, and any (extra)contractual liability claim.

Sofie conducts all types of proceedings: proceedings on the merits, interlocutory proceedings, strike claims, proceedings on unilateral application, interim measures and expert opinions, attachment proceedings, proceedings for the enforcement of court and arbitral awards, arbitral proceedings, the setting aside of arbitral awards and conflicts of jurisdiction and law.

Sofie is active in the following legal fields:

  • General civil and commercial law
  • Agreements on (un)movable goods and services, such as buy-sell, rent, distribution, contracting, banking and insurance services, consultancy and other types of commercial agreements (B2B and B2C)
  • (Unfair) market practices and consumer protection
  • Contractual and extra-contractual liability arising from defective goods, services and hazardous events, including professional liability
  • Company law, such as disputes between shareholders, liability claims, lock-out and exit procedures, and share buy-sell procedures
  • Corporate criminal law

Education and experience

Sofie graduated cum laude from the Free University of Brussels in civil and procedural law, after which she studied corporate law at the Catholic University of Leuven, Brussels campus.

She started her career with two listed companies, after which she switched to the legal profession to work for both national and international law firms with a strong focus on dispute resolution. After gaining further experience in contract drafting, as in-house legal counsel and lawyer, she joined Agio Legal.