Boots on the ground

“I am looking for investors within the pharmaceutical sector”

Who was the client?

SwiftPharma is a start-up in the pharmaceutical sector.   The company engages in biotechnological research on plants, trying to create pharmaceutical applications without having to resort to animal ingredients or testing on animals.


What was the client’s challenge?

The cost of R&D as well as finding applications was very costly. Marketing her idea required additional capital and a commercial network.

SwiftPharma thus sought investors for both its lab R&D division and its manufacturing division. However, the two businesses are very different in terms of both return and investment needs.


What solution did we come up with for the client?

Agio Legal performed an analysis and subsequently worked out a split between the two departments.

Agio Capital then sought investors for the two divisions.

Agio Legal was responsible for drafting a service level agreement between the two operations. In addition, it oversaw the redistribution of shares within the structure, working out the appropriate governance.

Finally, Agio Legal’s IP team assisted in the negotiations and drafted contracts with several major SwiftPharma clients.