New Agio Book: Biopharma in China

AGIO Capital

Agio Capital is delighted to announce the official release of the book “Biopharma in China” co-authored by our Healthcare Director Ben Wu and Sven Agten.

This groundbreaking book offers a comprehensive insider’s view of the biopharma sector in China, exploring its dynamics, future trends, and strategies for foreign companies and investors to engage with it effectively.

China has transitioned from a country lacking innovation in drug discovery to one that is now beginning to out-license its biopharma technology globally. Despite being only a decade old, the Chinese biopharma sector has rapidly emerged as a significant driver of growth and value, presenting both opportunities and challenges for foreign entities.

The book delves into the nuances of China’s first biopharma boom and bust cycle, offering insights into its implications for the sector. It also provides valuable guidance on the types of deals sought by Chinese biopharma companies and investors, distinguishing between successful approaches and pitfalls. Additionally, it offers practical advice for foreign companies seeking to access the world’s second-largest healthcare market.

Biopharma in China” is a must-read for anyone interested in understanding and navigating the complexities of China’s evolving biopharma landscape.

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