Novas Ventures is born!

AGIO Capital

A new milestone for Agio Capital: Novas Ventures is born!

After months of hard work, and despite the challenging market conditions, we are extremely happy to announce the launch of our new company, Novas Ventures.
Novas Ventures is a venture capital backed company that aims to fund and support the China operations of the most promising European tech companies.

The experienced European, China based, team of Agio & Novas Ventures will partner with European technology leaders with a high-growth potential for China.
Novas Ventures will invest in the China operations of the European technology company, and work in in close cooperation with them to accelerate growth, using our operational experience and network in China.

At the same time Agio Capital has established its new office in Wuxi – close to Shanghai. Wuxi is well-known for its vibrant ecosystem of venture capitalists, tech companies, and one of the best hubs for setting up in China. We will work in close cooperation with the local ecosystem and build a new channel for our partners and clients to enter China.

Stay tuned for more updates about Novas Ventures as we expanding into even more exciting avenues

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