Acquisition of Nextauth by itsme®

AGIO Capital

itsme®, the identity app that has already won the confidence of nearly 7 million Belgians and is used by more than 800 companies, has acquired the Leuven-based company nextAuth, which specialises in multi-factor authentication. In doing so, itsme® has taken the next step in the expansion of its offer.

With the acquisition of nextAuth, itsme® is also extending its services to partners and customers looking for authentication solutions that can be embedded into their own applications. These include biometric and passwordless mobile multi-factor authentication (MFA) systems integrated into banking applications.

This acquisition combines two Belgian technological success stories, in a field where Belgium is already very advanced.

Agio Capital acted as the exclusive advisor for nextAuth as the company was looking for strategic options. We assisted nextAuth in starting up a competitive process with investors and potential acquirers, resulting in a successful acquisition and the deepening anchoring of two Belgian companies.

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