Agio Legal joins forces with Tilleman Van Hoogenbemt

With effect from 18 May, a major collaboration is taking place in the world of law. Two leading firms will join forces from then on. They are Agio Legal and Tilleman Van Hoogenbemt.
Agio Legal and Tilleman Van Hoogenbemt are household names in the legal sector. Both firms have years of expertise and are specialised in their fields. For Agio Legal, this specialisation lies mainly within commercial law, while Tilleman Van Hoogenbemt focuses on labour law. In practice, however, these two areas of law are often an extension of each other. To have all expertise under one roof from now on, Agio Legal and Tilleman Van Hoogenbemt choose to join forces. From 18 May, they will sail under the same flag, albeit while maintaining their individuality.
That Agio Legal and Tilleman Van Hoogenbemt found each other is not surprising. In terms of corporate culture and approach, both firms are very similar. It is no coincidence that Tilleman Van Hoogenbemt has been focusing for years on a thoroughly personal approach and that Agio Legal’s baseline is ‘A personal engagement’. Filip Tilleman (Tilleman Van Hoogenbemt): “The cooperation with Agio Legal marks a milestone in the history of Tilleman Van Hoogenbemt. Ever since 1999, our firm has covered all aspects of labour law, but the peculiarities of a legal issue are less and less limited to a single legal domain. In order to look at each case from the broadest possible perspective, with all specialisations on board, we see added value in cooperating with Agio Legal. Even more professionalism within a strongly expanded team: we are convinced that the client – and that’s what it’s all about in the end – will benefit.”
Philippe Van den Broecke (Agio Legal): “The labour market is red-hot and that translates into a strongly increasing number of employment law files. Often those files – for example, in the case of non-competition clauses – are at the interface of employment law and commercial law. We feel it is important to be able to offer the best specialists in all these areas of law, hence our cooperation with Tilleman Van Hoogenbemt. Tilleman Van Hoogenbemt is one of the most reputable firms in Belgium in the field of labour law, we are delighted to be able to add so much know-how to our existing competences.”
About Agio Legal: With four offices, Agio Legal is a national player, boasting a strong team of lawyers with specialisations in areas including corporate, company and tax law. About Tilleman Van Hoogenbemt: In 1999, Filip Tilleman and Herman Van Hoogenbemt founded their own firm, specialising in employment law.