Law firms Agio Law and Lige join forces to become Agio Legal

Algemeen nieuws

Law firm Agio Law and law firm Lige are now sailing under the same flag: Agio Legal and this as of 22 July 2021. In the past both law firms have already worked together very well and successfully on several cases. Through this cooperation in joint cases, the firms have increasingly grown closer together. A merger between the two firms is therefore nothing more than a logical and ambitious step, as Philippe Termote of the law firm Lige and Philippe Van den Broecke of the law firm Agio Law confirm.

  “Lige and Agio Law are delighted to announce this collaboration”, said Philippe Termote and Philippe Van den Broecke. “Indeed, both firms have worked together on several cases in the past. With the new Agio Legal, as well as with Lige as with Agio Law, we always put the interests of our clients first and devise pragmatic solutions to our clients’ challenges. This move puts an even greater emphasis on quality and specialization within the combined teams of Agio Legal.”    In addition to the specialization in corporate law, with an emphasis on insolvency law and corporate litigation, Agio Legal also represents the competencies in M&A, labor, corporate, corporate and tax law. The public law and real estate law practice groups are also further strengthened through the merger. The local presence has also been strengthened with additional offices in Antwerp, Brussels and Hasselt.

Apart from the disappearance of the original trade names, little will change for the clients of Lige and Agio Law. Only will the new Agio Legal stand for even more expertise and service.