Boots on the ground

“I want to restructure troubled companies”

Who was the client?

Cim Capital specialises in assisting companies in difficulty.  In this regard, it provides a financial as well as operational boost for the company.


What was the client’s challenge?

When seeking to restructure companies in difficulty, many legal issues come into play and, in some cases, have to go through the courts. Cim Capital thus needed legal support to conduct its business activities.


What solution did we come up with for the client?

Agio Legal assists Cim Capital in restructuring companies in difficulty. For example, Agio Legal provides guidance on investments or acquisitions by Cim Capital out of court.

It also assists Cim Capital when it wishes to implement a restructuring of a company in difficulty through the procedure of judicial reorganisation. If necessary, it provides legal support to Cim Capital in the event of a capital injection into or full takeover of the company in judicial reorganisation.

Agio Legal also acts for Cim Capital when it is a prospective buyer in proceedings of judicial reorganisation by transfer under judicial authority.