Our deals: Cambridge Cognition enters in a strategic partnership with Luca Healthcare

AGIO Capital
Happy to have supported UK listed and digital health company Cambridge Cognition in their strategic partnership with Luca Healthcare! Cambridge Cognition, a leading neuroscience technology company today announced  an expansion in the Chinese market through a strategic partnership with Luca Healthcare Limited, a category leader in digital screening, treatment and management tools in China. Cambridge Cognition has signed an exclusive licencing agreement with Luca Healthcare to commercialise the Company’s suite of leading cognitive assessment tools in China for both the pharmaceutical and healthcare markets. Agio Capital supported the on-site due diligence process and advised on the commercial negotiations. Matthew Stork, CEO Cambridge Cognition: “It was helpful working with a European specialist in market entry in China with a team in country. Agio did a thorough assessment and report for us.” More info? Click here.