Boots on the ground

Real estate

Belgian and international real estate and environmental law is a particularly specialist field – from the decision to develop a site, to dealing with liabilities ten years after completion.  We are your partner for any point in that process, including for real estate transactions, public and administrative law.

Project development – As a developer or co-developer of a site, you are very much at risk in the pre-contractual phase. As a legal partner, we help you attach the right modalities to your deals so you can unleash the full potential of your business.

Construction agreements – Sale on plan, leasing, contractual liabilities of partners in the process, real estate partnerships, etc. all these legal constructions require a solid contractual basis.

Real estate transactions – Establishment, termination and transfer of business and other rights (sale, leasehold, concession, etc.), negotiation, drafting of contracts, due diligence, both private and public (including public-private partnerships).

Co-ownership – We assist you in all aspects of (apartments) co-ownership, both on the side of an individual (or group of) occupant(s) and the VME (association of co-owners).

Litigation – In case of disputes, we assist you in all administrative and judicial procedures (Deputation, Council for Permit Disputes, Council of State, regular courts, etc.).